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I would like to know how can I access to the iTunes Library information in multi-plataform way. I want to make a program that can run in both Windows and Mac OS X. Which programming language, API do you recommend? Take into account that this program will need a GUI.

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You could try using QT, which is cross platform. Also there is something called the Cocotron, which allows you to port Cocoa apps to other platforms. Basically Cocotron is just a custom made AppKit and Foundation, which runs on both windows linux and mac. QT works with C++, Cocotron with objective-c/objective-c++ obviously.

QT here: http://qt.nokia.com/products/

Cocotron here: http://www.cocotron.org/

Cocotron is really cool if you wanna know more about the possible internals of a lot of Apple's obj-c classes.

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