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The requirement is that I need to paste a long document in markdown format to a mediawiki site, which has no markdown extension installed. All I can find about markdown, tools or modules/libraries, are in charge of converting markdown to HTML. My question is: is there a convenient way to do the work from markdown to MediaWiki wikitext?

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Pandoc, a universal document converter, could be solution for you:

$ pandoc --help
pandoc [OPTIONS] [FILES]
Input formats:   native, markdown, markdown+lhs, rst, rst+lhs, 
                 html, latex, latex+lhs
Output formats:  native, html, html+lhs, s5, slidy, docbook, 
                 opendocument, odt, epub, latex, latex+lhs, 
                 context, texinfo, man, markdown, markdown+lhs, 
                 plain, rst, rst+lhs, mediawiki, rtf

It's available for virtually every platform.

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great, that's just what I want. Thanks. –  jfding Sep 29 '10 at 9:26
$ pandoc -r textile input.text -t mediawiki -o output.wiki –  rogerdpack Jun 13 '11 at 19:14
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