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it seems Flex trapKeys(e:KeyboardEvent) has problems when user is pressing some special marks ; / ? = + ( ) & * with non-us (european) keyboards. Pressing these require shift key.

I am using String.fromCharCode

Any ideas why e.g. pressing semicolor combination faulty outputs "<"

 var key:String=String.fromCharCode(e.charCode);

here is a workaround that I am using for semicolon now

if ((e.charCode == 60) && (e.keyCode==188)) {key =';';}
if ((e.charCode == 43) && (e.keyCode==187)) {key ='?';}

There is also same problem with this FLASH event


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I think you need to include KeyboardEvent.shiftKey to your EventHandler. This boolean value is true if the shift key is pressed, maybe this could help you!? –  hering Aug 24 '10 at 9:33

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You should not manually compose chars from event.charCode or event.keyCode. The only correct method of making user input a string is placing focus in input field and getting result from it's text property.

You can make that input string invisible and show that input as you like. But you should not compose input chars like you do.

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