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When I connect the database with JDBC i get this:

[StatAggResultCollector] Test Started, host: *local*
[StatAggResultCollector] Test Ended, host: *local*

in response message I get:

java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:oracle:..

Any solution?
Is this from jdbc driver or from configuration?

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Looks like JMeter cannot find the Oracle driver.

Have you put the ojdbc14.jar or classes12.zip (which contains Oracle drivers) file in the JMETER/lib directory

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For Oracle database 9 and 10 use ojdbc14.jar for Oracle database 11 use ojdbc5.jar if you use java 1.5 or ojdbc6.jar if you use java 1.6. Check java version in jmeter.bat file.

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