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I am a beginner in Python. I want to make a small project on histogram equalisation. Basically I want to include changing contrast, color and crop option etc in my project. I am blank right now. Please suggest something. I am very keen to make this project but how to start?

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Python's PIL module has methods for controlling contrast, color, and cropping.

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Also useful is the ImageOps module, with, for example, autocontrast() and equalize() functions. – heltonbiker Oct 18 '11 at 0:22

You can use PythonMagick. It suports histogram equalization:

import PythonMagick
img = PythonMagick.Image("original.png")

PythonMagick is not very well documented itself, but its API directly corresponds to Magick++ API. Use Magick++ documentation for reference.

If PIL is enough for you, stick with PIL, it is better supported. I installed PythonMagick from the Ubuntu package, the project page does not open for me.

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