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I'm working on an application that has a large domain - i.e. Customers, SalesOrder, Suppliers, Products, Stocks etc. - and have discovered that the WinForms data binding is a little too restrictive for what I need.

Is there a useful design pattern for setting up the populating of forms and updating of the underlying data?


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Firstly have you considered using WPF, its data binding is a lot better?

There are some 3rd party data entry controls that will layout all the fields and labels etc base on data binding. E.g. XtraVerticalGrid with a single column. Lots are on the market, ask a more detail quesion if you need pointers about them.

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I have considered WPF but the learning curve (unless I'm just being ignorant) appears to be too steep. However, I fully intend to work with WPF in the near future. Thanks for your help. –  Tony Day Aug 24 '10 at 14:34

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