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I'm looking for something that will help me to internationalize an existing rails application using I18n. Ideally it would locate string constants (with parameters) and allow me to extract those into a .yml or .rb file replacing the original string with the appropriate t(...) call. Also, or alternatively, a macro to do the same on selected text. I mainly use eclipse but could use something else for this task (vim?) as long as it is free to use.

There appears to be a plugin for TextMate that does the job (though mainly for new code) and I know that rgettext/xgettext will do a similar job for gettext localization but I was wondering if anyone knew of anything to make the job easier with I18n.

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Here are a few Gems, github search for 'i18n' in Ruby:





From my cursory assessment, i15r looks the best and the most up-to-date. I'll likely using one of these soon (chances are i15r) to at least get a starting point - inserting <%=t "translate me please" -%> hundreds of times will drive me nuts before too long; this could be a shortcut for the initial phase.

Hope this helps!

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I'm not sure if it does exactly what you're after, but you might find DHH's Tolk project to be useful.

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Thanks, looks good but appears to be more for translating text once your application is localization ready. I'm at an earlier point in the process than this (unfortunately). – Shadwell Aug 24 '10 at 10:00

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