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I've got small wpf application deployed using ClickOnce technology. The problem is that when I build new version clients download all files, though many of these files have not been changed. I use following configuration to make deployment manifest

<GenerateDeploymentManifest AssemblyName="MyApp.exe.application"
  Description="My application"
  EntryPoint="@(DeploymentManifestEntryPoint)" />

Even If I just change "" to "" clients will download whole application again. Am I missing something or it's standart behaviour ?

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If an assembly changes at all it will be downloaded. Rebuilding an assembly counts as a change. I typically skip Visual Studio for creating deployments and use Mage instead. Then I don't point Mage at the bin where all the assemblies get built, I point it at a separate folder where I manually copy in assemblies I want deployed. Make sense?

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Hi, thanks for your answer. I do not use VisualStudio either, I also use Mage for deployment. Am I right that if I use command like mage.exe -New .... then all files will be re-downloaded and mage.exe -Update should be used instead ? –  Alex Ilyin Aug 25 '10 at 4:40
-New or -Update should not matter. The main thing to watch is if you don't want an assembly to be deployed, you need to build your new deployment with that exact same assembly, not a rebuilt version of that assembly. ClickOnce hashes your files, that's how it knows what to download; it compares the client's file hashes with the server, any files that are different get downloaded. Doing anything to an assembly, including rebuilding it, will cause a different hash to be generated which will cause it to be downloaded. –  codeConcussion Aug 25 '10 at 6:03

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