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When running WCAT on my windows XP machine via the commandline I get the following error:

error: must specify at least one of the following parameters -run, -update, -terminate, -showclients or -setclients

The command I try to run is:

wcat.wsf -terminate -run  -t scenario.wcat -f settings.ubr -s localhost -singleip -x

And is copied directly from the readme.

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The problem is that in the readme, it's not really a hyphens.

If you look at the hex code, you see that the fake hyphen in the readme is 0x96, a hyphen is 0x2d

So go ahead and replace all the hyphens in the line with real ones. It will work after that.

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Copy/paste is from the devil!!! I remembered to replace the CR/LF characters properly, but for some reason I missed the dashes. Thank you. –  DJ van Wyk Sep 22 '14 at 15:36

The problem exists because of an error in the regex matching in the wcat.wsf file. For some reason the regex:

 var run_regular_expression = /[-\/]run$/;

Will not match the "-run" argument

Changing it to:

 var run_regular_expression = /[\-\/]run$/;

Does match the run argument.

Another option is to change to commandline call to:

wcat.wsf /terminate /run  -t scenario.wcat -f settings.ubr -s localhost -singleip -x

using slashes instead of hyphens

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