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I was wondering if there was any good articles out there that explain how the architecture of rails works, i.e how it handles the server connection, how it queries the database so easily etc.

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Take a look at the blog of Yehuda Katz. He wrote a bunch of articles about the architecture of Rails, like this one. Watch The Renegades Guide to Hacking Rails. Try to find and read that book, it has a good chapter about the internals of Rails.

I forgot to mention the excellent Under the hood series by Jamis Buck. He really describes how the certain parts of Rails work.

You may also dive into the Rails sources. They are well commented, easy to read and understand. Read them just like any book.

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This is a good video for a quick overview of what's happening in a rails server and what is being called.


The guy is not super articulate but it's certainly in the right direction.

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You should include the most relevant points of the video as part of the answer. The video should support the answer, not be the answer itself. –  Meryovi Aug 15 at 12:09

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