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It appears WindowsFormsHost control is set to display on top. Is there any way to change its z-order to allow other WPF controls on the same window to be visible on top of the WindowsFormsHost control?

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You may want to try embedding the usercontrols inside a "Popup." This is a little late, but I was having a similar issue. If you want details on how to code it up, this answer might be useful. Not sure if you're still working on your project after 2 years though.. – funseiki Jul 5 '12 at 17:17
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Unfortunately no, because of the way the winformshost is composited into a WPF window it must appear on top.

See the z-order paragraph from here.

In a WPF user interface, you can change the z-order of elements to control overlapping behavior. A hosted Windows Forms control is drawn in a separate HWND, so it is always drawn on top of WPF elements.

A hosted Windows Forms control is also drawn on top of any Adorner elements.

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