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I need to write a python application with use both of the mysql and sql server is there a general python module or library that can access both mysql and sql server as DBI with perl or should i use 2 libraries and if yes which libraries do you recommend .

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I guess you are looking for SQLAlchemy. You will probably need some time getting into it, but it is invaluable once you have covered the basics.

SQLAlchemy acts as a frontend to other, database-specific libraries using the Python DB-API -- but beyond this, it provides a query builder library that abstracts out differences between databases' SQL syntax and permits programmatic query construction while still offering the full power of SQL.

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Python RDBMS modules implement DB-API.

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Could you provide me which RDBMS modules are they and if they supported on windows ? – AKM Aug 24 '10 at 12:44

If you are looking for which connection drivers to use, I believe the only one that well work for both [MySQL (driver here) and SQLServer (native to windows/FreeTDS for linux) is pyodbc. @igor has the right idea, though, use SQLAlchemy, you can connect to each database using different engines, but use the same code to interact with both.

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