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I would like to implement a kind of information for my users about the progress status. I have found several components like:

Richfaces status or IceFaces onnection Status

So, I would like to add something like that to my page especially for ajax requests. What's the easiest way to implement it? I would not like to use one of those components, rather programming my own one but I can't imagine how and how much effort it takes :-)

I am thankfull for ideas...

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PrimeFaces has by the way also a p:ajaxStatus. –  BalusC Aug 24 '10 at 13:13
Updated link for <p:ajaxStatus >... –  Wanna coffee Feb 15 '14 at 6:01

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The standard JSF implementation doesn't provide a ready-to-use component for this. The JSF 2.0 specification however outlines the following in chapter Monitoring Events For All Ajax Requests

The JavaScript API provides the jsf.ajax.addOnEvent function that can be used to register a JavaScript function that will be notified when any Ajax request/response event occurs. Refer to Section 14.4 “Registering Callback Functions” for more details. The jsf.ajax.addOnEvent function accepts a JavaScript function argument that will be notified when events occur during any Ajax request/response event cycle. The implementation must ensure the JavaScript function that is registered must be called in accordance with the events outlined in Section TABLE 14-3 “Events”.

You can find here a blog of one of the Mojarra developers which contains basic examples. Here's an extract of relevance:

<h3> Status:</h3>
<textarea id="statusArea" cols="40" rows="10" readonly="readonly" />

A simple textarea, not even hooked into the backend server data model.

Then in our javascript (for the demo, in a separately loaded file, though it could just as easily be in page) we have:

var statusUpdate = function statusUpdate(data) {
    var statusArea = document.getElementById("statusArea");
    var text = statusArea.value;
    text = text + "Name: "+data.source.id;
    if (data.type === "event") {
        text = text +" Event: "+data.name+"\n";
    } else {  // otherwise, it's an error
        text = text + " Error: "+data.name+"\n";
    statusArea.value = text;

// Setup the statusUpdate function to hear all events on the page
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Very good utility for JSF 2.0 –  Narayana N Feb 23 '12 at 5:25

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