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I am creating plugin for TinyMCE and I need to wrap existing elem (node) with new one.

For example, if I have paragraph:


after command I need:

<div id="someid"><p>hello</p></div>

I tried below but it doesn;t wrap paragraphs, only theirs body, for example:

tinyMCEPopup.editor.execCommand('mceReplaceContent',true,'<div id="someid">{$selection}</div>')


<p><div id="someid">hello</div></p>

What is the easiest way to do it?


Finaly I decided to use below construction (no jQuery):

// Get instance of the editor       
var ed = tinyMCEPopup.editor;

// we are collecting <p> or other default tag to cover it       
var node = tinyMCEPopup.editor.selection.getNode();

// create new dom objects   
var newNode =  ed.dom.create('div', {'class' : 'accordionContent'}); 
var newHNode =  ed.dom.create('h2', {'class' : 'accordionTitle'},document.forms[0].title.value);

// dom modifications
ed.dom.add(node.parentNode, newHNode);
ed.dom.add(node.parentNode, newNode);
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If you are able to use jQuery in your application there is a wrap() function. If you had

<div id="someid">hello</div>

Then you could do:

$('#someid').wrap('<p />')

Gives you:

<p><div id="someid">hello</div></p>


Have read your question again and I think you may need wrapInner() instead.

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This is not exactly what I was looking for (I think dependency on jQuery in TinyMCE plugin is not a good pattern) , but thanks anyway :) – bluszcz Aug 25 '10 at 7:52
I thought that would probably be the case - you could download the jQuery library and examine the WrapInner() method, then use that code to work from to write your own method using vanilla JavaScript. - Sorry just seen your update - looks good. – Giles Smith Aug 25 '10 at 8:05

I know this is very old, but for future reference

var ed = tinymce.get("editorId");
$(ed.selection.getNode()).wrap("<div id='someid' />");
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