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I'm trying to give my webform node a readable name to make it easier to find and edit. I'm able to use the template I created called "webform-form-12.tpl.php" and theme that, but I want to use something like "node-webform-form-athlete-of-the-month_submit-your-athlete.tpl.php". The path I gave this webform is "athlete-of-the-month/submit-your-athlete". It's not working with any names I've tried. I'm using a node preprocess function to add template file names. I've tried these so far: node-webform-athlete-of-the-month_submit-your-athlete.tpl.php node-webform-form-athlete-of-the-month_submit-your-athlete.tpl.php This one: "node-athlete-of-the-month_submit-your-athlete.tpl.php" uses the template but the form is not there.


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What version of webform? The latest Webform 2.x and 3.x should support the use of TPLs.

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I just upgraded, I was using 2.x. As I was creating a form, I thought I saw something about a template in the options, but now I don't see it anymore. thanks –  EricP Aug 24 '10 at 16:40

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