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I trying create one topic publisher with TIBCO Designer using a ActiveDatabase Adapter. But every time when the adapter starts one topic named _ADB.DUPDETECT is created too

The problem is: my EMS server don´t allow dynamic topics. Then I get following error:

2010 Aug 23 10:38:20:825 GMT -3 M2M.M2M Error [Adapter] AEADB-910005
Startup Error. SDK Exception Code = AESDKC-0151, Category = JmsComm, Severity = errorRole, Description = JMS Error: Failed to create Jms Subscriber DupDetectMessage : Invalid destination, File = C:/suren/workspace/Maverick/maverick-5.6.1-dev/libmaverick/MJmsConsumer.cpp, line = 271 received on starting the adapter after initialization. The Repository URL is D:\Temp\Lixo\AT_adadb_9991.dat and the Configuration URL is M2M.

Unfortunately couldn´t find any information about this error in Google or in TIBCOmmunity.

Anybody can help me with this? Thanks advance.

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You'll need to create the _ADB.DUPDETECT topic in EMS before you start the adapter. e.g., from within tibemsadmin

create topic _ADB.DUPDETECT
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To allow your TIBCO EMS Server the creation of dynamic topics you need to create one like this by using the EMS Administration Tool:

connect tcp://localhost:7222
Login name (admin): admin
Connected to: tcp://localhost.7222
tcp://localhost:7222> create topic >
Topic '>' has been created

You can do this via TIBCO Administrator too:

enter image description here

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