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on the last days I had a really annoying problem, that is just now solved, but I'll hope that some of you experienced it and figured out a solution for that.

I created and installed Ubuntu 10.04 on Virtualbox 3.2.0 (installed under Win7-32 bits). On this VM was installed and configured rvm, ruby 1.8.7 and some gems. When tried to check the list of gems that were installed for the rvm/ruby conditions above, i deal with the following error when execute the following command on the bash:

$gem list ERROR: Loading command: list (LoadError) no such file to load -- zlib

After googling and solutioning several ideas: - uninstall/install rvm - uninstall/install ruby - reinstall zlib - create new Vm's

, we brought to an end that the problem was related with the version of Virtualbox used on my system 3.2.0. After install the last version of Virtualbox - v.3.2.8 the problem related with the zlib library was solved.

Cheers. Just to share with you .stuckme

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I don't think this is a VirtualBox problem. This is to do with RVM installation. I am using same configuration as yours and got issues resolved with this solution.

RVM Ruby 1.9.1 troubles

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