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How would you construct and pass XML as an argument to a stored procedure on an MS SQL 2005 server? And how would you INSERT the XML into a table?

The data is in the form of key/value pairs:

    0: [key, value],
    1: [key, value],
    2: [key, value]
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Here's one example:

/* Create the stored procedure */
create procedure ParseXML (@InputXML xml)
    declare @MyTable table (
        id int,
        value int

    insert into @MyTable 
        (id, value)
            from @InputXML.nodes('/Rows/Row') as Row(id)        

    select id, value
        from @MyTable

/* Create the XML Parameter */
declare @XMLParam xml
set @XMLParam = '<Rows>
                     <Row id="1" value="100" />
                     <Row id="2" value="200" />
                     <Row id="3" value="300" />

/* Call the stored procedure with the XML Parameter */
exec ParseXML @InputXML = @XMLParam

/* Clean up - Drop the procedure */
drop procedure ParseXML
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Really nice answer. Thanks! – roosteronacid Aug 25 '10 at 8:31

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