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I need to go through each shape of a smart-art in PowerPoint 2007. When shape.Type=msoSmartArt then I could simply go through the shapes in shape.GroupItems.

However, when shape.Type == msoPlaceholder && shape.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType==msoSmartArt then shape.GroupItems is empty. How can I access the Smart Art shapes in such a case?

I used to think of VBA and C# VSTO as basically the same.

Well - here there's a difference. I tried Otaku's code in actual VBA and it indeed seems to work (sorry for the confusion, Otaku).

However, my program is in C# VSTO, and:

foreach (Shape slideShape in pres.Slides[1].Shapes)
  if (slideShape.Type != MsoShapeType.msoSmartArt &&   !(slideShape.Type == MsoShapeType.msoPlaceholder &&  slideShape.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType==MsoShapeType.msoSmartArt))

 GroupShapes shapes=slideShape.GroupItems;

Does produce: shapes.Count=0 (when the shape type is Placeholder, and containedtype is SmartArt).

Any ideas?

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Not really... but I did mark the answer as Useful as it works in VB. –  Arie Livshin Sep 12 '10 at 9:58

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Use GroupShapes, like:

Sub GetSAfromPlaceholder()
    Dim ap As Presentation: Set ap = ActivePresentation
    Dim sl As Slide: Set sl = ap.Slides(2)
    Dim sh As Shape: Set sh = sl.Shapes(2)
    Dim gsh As GroupShapes: Set gsh = sh.GroupItems
    If sh.Type = msoPlaceholder Then
        If sh.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType = msoSmartArt Then
        Debug.Print "SmartArt Shape Count: " & gsh.Count
          For i = 1 To gsh.Count
            If gsh(i).TextFrame.HasText Then
                Debug.Print gsh(i).TextFrame.TextRange.Text
            End If
        End If
    End If
End Sub
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This does not seem to help. When: shape.Type == msoPlaceholder && shape.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType==msoSmartArt You get empty gsh. (gshCount=0) A workaround is to copy the Smartart and paste it. The pasted shape will have GroupItems with all the actual shapes. However, this workaround is somewhat messy. –  Arie Livshin Aug 25 '10 at 15:09
Maybe if I could somehow get from the placeholder its contained SmartArt Shape it might solve the problem. Is there a way to do that? –  Arie Livshin Aug 25 '10 at 16:43
It works perfectly for me. gshCount always equals more than 0. What I did was create a blank slide of Two Content layout, in both non-Title placeholders, I clicked the SmartArt icon and inserted SmartArt (different types in each one). I entered some text in some of the nodes. I've updated the code above to prove how it is working on myside (i.e. it only works if sh.Type = msoPlaceholder and sh.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType = msoSmartArt). –  Todd Main Aug 26 '10 at 5:06
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The workaround I use is copying the SmartArt and pasting it back. the pasted SmartArt now has all its shapes in its GroupItems. After working with these, I delete the pasted shape.

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