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I'm referencing the following dll in a VB6 dll I'm creating:

Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library

After making the VB6 dll, it works fine, but on other people's computers, the following error pops up:

Run-time error '429'
ActiveX component can't create object

I'm pretty sure this is related to the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library. Any idea how to fix this error? I've tried replacing the ActiveX dll on other people's computers with mine, but that didn't work. I tried putting my ActiveX dll on a shared drive and reference to that, but that didn't work. I tried referencing the 2.7 library and that didn't work.

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Give this a try on the client machine:

  1. Download and reinstall MDAC 2.8 (32-bit only).
  2. Make sure C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSADO15.dll is properly registered by using regsvr32.
  3. Make sure the client's user account has Read/Execute rights to the following folders: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System and C:\WINNT or C:\Windows.
  4. Reboot.

As Beaner mentioned below, you would need also to download and install the drivers for FoxPro and Jet 4.0 separately if you are using either of those connection methods.

Download Jet 4.0 SP8

Download Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver

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@Soo, you may also need to separately install Jet or FoxPro drivers depending on what you're using for your database "... This release does not include Microsoft Jet, the Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider or ODBC driver, the Desktop Database ODBC Drivers, or the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver." – jac Aug 25 '10 at 15:53
@Beaner - That is true, I forgot those were separate downloads. – Heather Aug 25 '10 at 21:19

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