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I have an XML document where one of the element nodes can be dynamic, or of any XML structure. I'm having a difficult time modeling the corresponding C# serialization class.

For example I have something like this in my C# class:

public XmlNode Value { get; set; }

Where XmlNode is System.Xml.XmlNode.

A few notes:

  • I want value to be an XML file I'm loading via Linq's XDocument (minus the XML header tag)
    • Though I don't see a way to convert an System.Xml.Linq.XNode to System.Xml.XmlNode
  • I don't want the result XML to have an element <Value>. I want it to be the root element of the XML document I loaded.
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I figured this out. I kept the property declaration the same and created this helper class:

public static class XmlDocumentHelper
    public static XmlDocument FromXDocument(XDocument document)
        var result = new XmlDocument();
        using (XmlReader reader = document.CreateReader())
        return result;

So Value is set like this: Value = XmlDocumentHelper.FromXDocument(document);

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