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I want to initialize a String in Java, but that string needs to include quotes; for example: "ROM". I tried doing:

String value = " "ROM" ";

but that doesn't work. How can I include "s within a string?

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In Java, you can escape quotes with \:

String value = " \"ROM\" ";
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What if ROM is not a value, if it is String type Variable i mean String ROM = " Java Programming "; String value "\" ROM\" "; Can i use like this. –  jimmy Aug 24 '10 at 17:20
String value = "\"" + ROM + "\""; –  Shaggy Frog Aug 24 '10 at 17:26

Not sure what language you're using (you didn't specify), but you should be able to "escape" the quotation mark character with a backslash: "\"ROM\""

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same in Java too lemme try –  jimmy Aug 24 '10 at 17:17

Just escape the quotes:

String value = "\"ROM\"";
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In reference to your comment after Ian Henry's answer, I'm not quite 100% sure I understand what you are asking.

If it is about getting double quote marks added into a string, you can concatenate the double quotes into your string, for example:

String theFirst = "Java Programming";
String ROM = "\"" + theFirst + "\"";

Or, if you want to do it with one String variable, it would be:

String ROM = "Java Programming";
ROM = "\"" + ROM + "\"";

Of course, this actually replaces the original ROM, since Java Strings are immutable.

If you are wanting to do something like turn the variable name into a String, you can't do that in Java, AFAIK.

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\ = \\

" = \"

new line = \r\n OR \n\r OR \n (depends on OS) bun usualy \n enough.

taabulator = \t

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Down-vote from me. This answer doesn't help address the original question any more thoroughly than the existing answers posted a year before this. –  Duncan Mar 18 at 8:50

Look into this one ... call from anywhere you want.

public String setdoubleQuote(String myText) {
    String quoteText = "";
    if (!myText.isEmpty()) {
        quoteText = "\"" + myText + "\"";
    return quoteText;

apply double quotes to non empty dynamic string. Hope this is helpful.

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In Java, you can use char value with ":

char quotes ='"';

String =""+quotes+"ROM"+""+quotes+"";
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Your code doesn't compile, you forgot the variable name. Also, your code is needlessly complex. This would do fine: String foo = quotes + "ROM" + quotes;. No need for all those extra "". –  Duncan Mar 18 at 8:55

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