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I tried to overwrite the simple NSView method:

- (NSMenu *)menuForEvent:(NSEvent *)event {
   NSMenu* result = [super menuForEvent: event];
   NSMenuItem* mi = [[NSMenuItem alloc] initWithTitle: @"Foobar" action: @selector(foobar) keyEquivalent: @""];
   [result addItem: mi];    
   return result;

but it does not work. It is never called.

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If the text field has focus, I believe the menu you're getting is actually that of the Field Editor. Maybe ask it for its menu.

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Try to use the NSTextViewDelegate Protocol

- (NSMenu *)textView:(NSTextView *)view menu:(NSMenu *)menu forEvent:(NSEvent *)event atIndex:(NSUInteger)charIndex

The window's field editor will then ask your NSTextField for the menu

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Thanks for others pointing the way. I haven't been able to get the window's default field editor to use any delegate methods. Finally I put the following in my window delegate's -windowDidLoad method

NSTextView* defaultFieldEditor = [self.window fieldEditor:YES forObject:nil];
//  defaultEditor.delegate = self; didn't help
NSMenu *mu = defaultEditor.menu;
[mu insertItem:[NSMenuItem separatorItem] atIndex:0];
[mu insertItemWithTitle:@"Insert Line"
          keyEquivalent:@"" atIndex:0];
 [mu insertItemWithTitle:@"Delete Line"
           keyEquivalent:@"" atIndex:0];

This is supposed to put the items at the beginning (so reverse order). You could use addItem: instead. Both suffer from the problem that the contents of the menu vary and your items are likely to up somewhere in the middle.

Note that the field editor is a NSTextView even if the control it covers is a NSTextField. This has caused me some perplexity.

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