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I've got a small issue with the .offset().top value in jQuery.

I'm making a drop down menu function that binds to my selector as follows:


        var x = $(this).offset().left;
        var y = $(this).offset().top;

        var height = $(this).height();

        var dList = $(this).find('.dropDownList').css('display','block');



It works magically until I scroll the page down and my .dropDownList continues to display at the offset position. In other words. If my div that activates the function is at y:200px and the page is not scrolled, the drop down list appears nicely under my .navButton. But, when I scroll the .dropDownList continues to appear at y:200px even though my .navButton is really only at y:100px now.


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You should sum scrollTop() too

  $('.dropDownList', this).css({
    'display': 'block',
    'left': $(this).offset().left,
    'top': $(this).offset().top+$(this).height()+$(document).scrollTop()
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I actually had to subtract scrollTop... but, that worked perfectly. Thanks :) – Howard Zoopaloopa Aug 24 '10 at 17:53

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