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I'm new to programming and trying to learn Ruby through some online tutorials. I have textmate and have created a Ruby folder in my Documents folder to hold my .rb files. While working through "Why's Poignant Guide" I came a across a two file program. One file attempts to 'require' the other. However, this doesn't work in this folder. Is there anyway to set textmate up to look here. I've come across a few sites that seem to be addressing this but I don't understand how file paths work in Unix.

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You'll have to set the RUBYLIB variable to the directory that contains your files. Let's say it's at ~/Documents/Ruby (that is, a folder "Ruby" in your "Documents" folder). ~ is shorthand for /User/yourusername, so the full path to the directory is /Users/yourusername/Documents/Ruby. You'll set this as RUBYLIB in TextMate, which you can do by going to Preferences -> Advanced -> Shell Variables, then click the "+" button and add RUBYLIB as the "Variable" and /Users/yourusername/Documents/Ruby as the "Value".

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Thanks for the response mipadi. This still isn't working. No idea why. Running an old iBook with 10.5.8. Frustrating but I'll work around it for now I guess. –  ryanA Aug 28 '10 at 18:10

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