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I was wondering if there is some option to keep ReSharper from removing just the using System; directive? Perhaps this is configurable somewhere?

Also, is there a way to have ReSharper sort the remaining directives just as Visual Studio 2008 does it (alphabetically, I think)?


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Yes, there is such an option: ReSharper->Languages->C#->Namespace Imports. You can add namespaces,that should not be removed, as well as namespaces, that should always be imported.

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Awesome! Thank you very much :) –  Igal Tabachnik Dec 10 '08 at 15:22

Yes, in the options (Resharper > Options > Languages > C#), there is a Namespace Imports section that allows you to specify namespaces that should never be removed. You would put System into the prompt it gives.

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