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I'd like to be grab the next to last TR in a table.

$("#TableID tr:last")

gets the very last one, is there some way I can get the TR prior to that one?

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When a negative index is specified for eq, it starts counting backwards from the end.

.eq( -index )

-index An integer indicating the position of the element, counting backwards from the last element in the set.

$('#TableID tr').eq(-2)
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Sure, you could do it with the .slice method:

$('#TableID tr').slice(-2, -1).addClass('dark');

You can see it in action here.

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Cool...didn't know about that one. +1 – Rich Aug 24 '10 at 19:40

The selector is a string. You can build out the selector string using a combination of the nth-child function and the .length property, or you can get all tr children and pick out the 2nd to last item with get().

var selector = "#TableID tr";
var second_to_last = $(selector).length - 2; // using 2 because it's 0 based
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