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I am completely new to Ruby and Rails... in fact I created my first application in Rails today that makes an HTTP request to pull back an XML document and then outputs it to the screen.. something simple to get started..

Well I am needing to now parse the XML string but am lost on how to do that exactly with Hpricot.

Here is my code so far


require 'hpricot'
class HelloController < ApplicationController
  def index
    h =
    @tickets = Hpricot(h.ticket_list)


def ticket_list
    url = URI.parse("")

    req =
    req.basic_auth @@uname, @@pwd

    res =, url.port).start do |http|

    return res.body

How would I pass information into my view?

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I just figured it out!


@tickets = Hpricot(h.ticket_list)
@desc = (@tickets/:ticket)


<% @desc.each do |x| %>
<% end %>
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