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if I have checkboxlist control :

<asp:CheckBoxList id="list1" runat="server">

how to get the text for second item which is (Two) and has index 1 using jquery when it is check or by passing the index of it?

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Duplicate of…, asked by the same poster approx 1 hour ago. Please don't re-post the same questions in rapid succession. – mikemanne Aug 24 '10 at 21:44
@mikemanne instead of writing what you wrote answer my other post here to get more points and to show out your expertize here is the port:… by the way I post this question before I got complete answer there !!! – Eyla Aug 25 '10 at 3:00
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The checkbox items are given IDs in the following order:

  • list1_0 => "One"
  • list1_1 => "Two"
  • list1_2 => "Three"

Prefix the ID with the IDs of any <asp:Content ...> tags that they are sitting in.

You can then reference them from jQuery easily:

if($('#list1_1').attr('checked')) {
  // the second item is ticked, do something

If you are unsure of the ID given to each checkbox, then do a View Source on the page to check.

You could also write a simple function to do this:

function isListItemChecked(listIndex, listID) {
  return ( $('#'+listID+'_'+listIndex).attr('checked')==true );
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