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I have several SVG paths looking like this:


I now want to add another path, but, instead of adding it to the shape, cut it out from the previous paths. How can I accomplish this?

I couldn't find any information on this in the SVG docs - thanks for your help!

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SVG does not support boolean operations on paths. You can, however, use one path as a clipping path, which will give you the effect you want.

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You can do it with a single path:

M 0,0 l 0,10 10,0 0,-10 -10,0 z m 2,2 l 6,0 0,6 -6,0 0,-6 z

This will draw a 10x10 square with an 6x6 hole cut out of the middle

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Vector graphics editors usually provide this for you. In Inkscape select the two paths and then what operation you want to perform on the "Path" menu. Illustrator has the same functionality too.

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What you are looking for is a set of operations that are called Boolean Operations. Refer to this question for more clarification: JavaScript library to perform Boolean Operations on SVG paths

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