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Tried Scheme at one point, just built up half of a "math" and "string" library before getting bored...

Similar experience with Java, but stopped early because I was appalled at the lack of operator overloading.

When you try out a new language, is there a program/game/function/exercise/problem that you use to get into the hot meaty center and really EXPERIENCE the language? I've been wanted to try Python, Ruby, some lisps, etc but can't seem to find any meaningful work to do with them, or any reason to use them for anything over languages I already know.

Sorry this is a discussion, but you are EXACTLY the people I want to get input from on this

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As a compiler nut -- I like to write some lexing and parsing code to get a feel for the guts of a language, but that's just me. If you browse over to codekata.pragprog.com/ there's a load of little coding exercises that might be useful to you.

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Try Project Euler, loads of interesting maths puzzles that get gradually harder and harder.

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This question might be a good start for you.

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You could try using your new language to solve a puzzle like this one or any of the others on that site.

The good thing about the puzzle is it's more complicated to solve than say coding and abc CRUD app, and there is a ranked scoreboard, with progressing on the scoreboard being your motivation to code / recode your solution.

I did a solution in Python, but code is lost on an old machine, never got the chance to refine it past a working brute force solution (brute force not quick enough to get you in the top 10 hackers btw)

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