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Using Linq to SQL and the autogeneration capabilities of DBML, foreign key relationships create EntityRefs in the DBML designer file. For example :

private int _USStateId;

private EntityRef<USState> _USState;

However, if I have the need for a table with numerous FK relationships to the same table, how can i control the autogenerated names? For example, for a Car survey with three FKs into a Ratings table, I get

private int _BodyRatingId;
private int _ColorRatingId;
private int _PerformanceRatingId;

in my Car table with

private EntityRef<Rating> _Rating;
private EntityRef<Rating> _Rating1;
private EntityRef<Rating> _Rating2;

How can I, dynamically or other wise, control the EntityRef naming to indicate that they pertain to a particular field?


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I just stumbled accross this question. I asked a very similar question yesterday and got an answer. See stackoverflow.com/questions/6471330/… –  Matthew Pirocchi Jun 25 '11 at 14:29

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Hi I'm not sure if the question is still valid but in case anybody needs it:

You can add a partial class to your project with the same name as your Car table and add new properties:

public Rating BodyRating
            return this._Rating.Entity;
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