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I'm trying to query for records in the TimeSlot table by the field start_date which has type datetime. Here's what I've tried so far that's failed:

TimeSlot.where(:start_date =>, 9, 1))

TimeSlot.where(:start_date =>, 9, 1).to_s)

TimeSlot.where(:start_date => "2010-09-08")

TimeSlot.where(:start_date => "2010-09-08 00:00:00")

I'd appreciate any help.

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Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the exact same issue. – bjork24 Feb 10 '11 at 19:11

Your queries look good to me.

Are you sure that you have a matching row in the db?

To debug, look in your logs/development.log file.


Problem could be timezones. Your query is using your server's timezone. Your data could be stored in a different timezone.

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I'm betting it is a timezone thing as well. Everything in the DB is automatically converted to UTC by rails. Queries 1 and 4 should work if there isn't an offset.

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Answer from

Client.where("created_at >= :start_date AND created_at <= :end_date", {:start_date => params[:start_date], :end_date => params[:end_date]})


Client.where("created_at IN (?)", (params[:start_date].to_date)..(params[:end_date].to_date))

Here is what I have for query all the TimeSlot start at "2010-09-08", if your start_date is a date field.

TimeSlot.where("start_date >= ? AND start_date <= ?", "2010-09-08", "2010-09-08")

If you start_date is a datetime field.

TimeSlot.where("start_date >= ? AND start_date <= ?", "2010-09-08", "2010-09-09")

Because the datetime start at 00:00:00

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