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How do you paginate a query that has a join in symfony? I am trying this code but it times out:

->from('company c, companyDetails d')

$pager = new sfDoctrinePager('company',10);
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Does the query run okay on it's own? – Jeremy Kauffman Aug 25 '10 at 2:23

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I needed to change the count query in the pagination. To do this:

$pager = new Doctrine_Pager($query,$request->getParameter('page',1),10);
$pager->setCountQuery('SELECT COUNT(id) FROM items WHERE city_id='.$city.' AND category_id='.$category);

The only thing you have to do is in your pagination helper, use:

$pagerRange = $pager->getRange('Sliding',array('chunk' => 5));
$pages = $pagerRange->rangeAroundPage();
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Your paginator code seems fine. I thk the problem is with your query.

Try running it without the pager and see the result.

If you continue facing issues with the query,Give this a try.

->from('company c')
->innerJoin('c.companyDetails d');

I havent tried it myself but it should work if your schema relations are defined the way i think.

One more thing, probably u already know that.


should be something like

$pager->setPage($request->getParameter('page', 1));
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