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I have a select box and on every change I am going back to my controller and fetching some data. This data is then loaded into a div.


   $('#groups').change(function() {
       $('#emails').load('/notifications/get', {value: $(this).val()});


  class NotificationsController < ApplicationController
      def get
        return "test"


  <div id="groups" class="left">
<%=select_tag 'employee[group_id][]', options_for_select( {|s| ["#{} - #{s.description} (" + s.employees.find(:all, :conditions=>{:subscribed=>true}).count.to_s+")",]}), :multiple => true, :size =>6, :style  => "width:250px"%>

  <p id="emails"> </p>

When I try to debug with firebug I see that error is 405 method not allowed ..furthermore response that comes back says

Only get, put, and delete
requests are allowed.
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Do you have a route set for that action?

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stupid me. no i did not. – Omnipresent Aug 25 '10 at 1:10

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