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I need to learn XSLT for Wordpress and Symphony theming. What are some beginner friendly resources that are relatively easy to follow along to?

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There are some good symphony specific tutorials here which should help:

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This site is very straightforward and has plenty of examples:

Also, W3 Schools is generally easy to follow and has good tutorials:

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ZVON's XSLT reference. I like it because it's very simple.

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My friend, Roger Costello, makes some of the best tutorials. He has an nice collection, most of which are XML-related: XML Schema, Schematron, NVDL, xProc, xPath, xQuery, and XSLT. They are typically Powerpoint slides and include exercises to give you practice. Take a look!

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I love this intro / tut from alistapart

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You can check also : - -

To learn XSLT basics but moreover XPath queries

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