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Is there an example of a browser-based and preferably open source visual javascript application designer (using contenteditable or canvas or whatever), perhaps with support for embedded controls and so forth (checkboxes, buttons, etc., or ui controls for various javascript frameworks like jquery.ui, dojo, yui,...), OR else support for vector graphics and shapes and so forth (canvas/svg vector graphics designer).

One example is ckeditor which has support for inserting html form controls (see the buttons on top right of the editor here):

And dojo's dojox has an example of a crude vector graphics editor ('drawing' I think the library is called).

There are some non-open source, commercial tools or similar tools out there like extjs designer, mockingbird (from cappucino).

And then I've found a few attempts at such things that didn't get too far, like qooxit, blok (using joose), and opus-js.

I have found one nice browser-based designer that is even open source, linb/jslinb, but it is completely undocumented and very complex and server-dependent (and many features are still not implemented yet).

Just wondering if there are any other options/examples out there, too. Thanks.

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You're looking for something like the Forms designer from Visual Studio but for HTML? Sort of like Frontpage in Javascript?

I think you've enumerated the only two I know of in your question.

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Not sure if this is the same thing as what you're looking for but there is one called Bespin that Mozilla Labs is doing...I believe it's in beta and still has a ways to go but there it is...Bespin project


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bespin --> skywriter --> cloud9 IDE (or Ace inline editor) – Steve Black Apr 17 '13 at 0:08

Check out these full fledged and free online development environments:

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Could be TinyMCE:

You can also add plugins to this WYSIWYG editor.

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PlugNedit has a drag and drop visual editor that works well.

SVG Items are in production, in the next release.

Has layers and stackable items with embeds allowed.

Allows users to plugin then returns content to your site.

A Demo is here.

Website Plugnedit link

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