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I am fairly new to Blackberry development and need help in terms of having a simple application. User enters a login/password which is authenticated on a MYSQL database on website. Once authenticated, he/she is shown a listbox/select boxthat is pre populated with some values. Once the user selects a value and hits submit, an email is generated and sent to a dummy email address.

Can someone guide me to either a good tutorial and/or some instructions that can help me set up something like that. Again I am a seasoned developer that is making a transition to Blackberry development. All replies would be highly appreciated.


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There are some good Blackberry dev tools on the RIM website, you can get a simulator for each type of handset you need to support. When it comes to authentication, as you already suggested, entering credentials is the easiest thing to support, but a bit of a pain for users, you can also look at using your Blackberry gateway as a kind of signing authority and enabling pin/email http headers (see here)

In terms of development, just remember you want a style sheet as basic as possible, and a webpage which is only 320px wide, otherwise its just another browser...

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