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I have postgreSQL version 8.3 installed on an ubuntu machine. This was installed via apt get. When I was trying to source a database dump that has some plsql functions written, I got the following error -

could not access file "$libdir/plpython": No such file or directory

When I tried to enable python support for a particular database, I got yet another error -

$ createlang plpythonu <dbname> -U postgres
createlang: language installation failed: ERROR:  could not access file "$libdir/plpython": No such file or directory

Is there a way that I can add support for python without having to reinstall postgreSQL?

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Install postgresql-plpython-8.3?

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how? ........... –  dfrankow Jan 30 '12 at 16:44
sudo apt-get install postgresql-plpython-8.3

or for postgresql 8.4:

sudo apt-get install postgresql-plpython-8.4
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