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i have table question(mysql with php) which contains question,category(multiple) and subcat(multiple) its belong. for simplification while saving each question i saved the category in comma separated as below

qid    question      catid    subcat
2     question1        2,3,4   5,7

like this i have 1000 of question right now in DB

while coming with faceted search i want to filter out for each category and its corresponding subcat like tree format below


For this i just implemented in_array while searching for particular cat for each question in for each loop for that question table.The page getting slow now . along with text search also.

is it really good idea or suggest me some right way .

whether i wanna seperate table for category ?

Thanxs, Gobi

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Yes the right way to do this is to have separate tables for both category and sub-category as:

Table Category
qid   cat-id

Table Sub_category
qid   sub_cat_id

This way your question table reduces to:

Table Question
id    Question
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oh thanxs let see whats other guys suggestion too – Nithish Aug 25 '10 at 6:27
I don't think you'll get many different answers, this is standard Database normalization: – Dennis Haarbrink Aug 25 '10 at 6:32
yep thanks @codaddict @Dennis will do as per your guide – Nithish Aug 25 '10 at 6:35

Right way to store relations information in a separate table. So, may be you'll find this structure useful:

question table, contains question info:

CREATE TABLE `question` (`id` int, `question` text);

Table containing category info:

CREATE TABLE `category` (`id` int, `parent_id` int, `category` tinytext);

table, contains relations:

CREATE TABLE `question_category` (`question_id` int, `category_id` int);

With this structure you`ll have big categories depth and big relations number easy.

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