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As the title says, does anyone know of any Distributed Key/Value Stores that can run on Windows, and have .Net clients?

Thank you

Update: Sorry, forgot to add that it needs to be persisted.

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App Fabric is Microsoft's solution.

RavenDB can probably act as a sophisticated key value store.

Additionally there are ports of memcached and redis does work on windows.

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Thanks. Sorry, I forgot to add that it needs the data needs to be persisted, so I guess memcached is out. I had a quick look at Raven before, but was dissapointed at how much they are charging for commercial use - especially considering it is an unproven solution without an established user base. Haven't looked at app fabric - will check it out. – UpTheCreek Aug 25 '10 at 7:43

You can use MongoDB, CouchDB or Cassandra. They are more than a key-value-store but they do run on windows and have .net clients.

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Membase is a distributed key-value store that supports Windows and has a .NET client (Enyim).

share|improve this answer is a distributed key/value store running on Windows and has .Net client library. It works only in-memory.

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