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hi when i give IBoutlet objects in my viewcontroller, i could not find out them in interfacebuilder to link to the object which are in view.....after sometime it come automatically..(i have set correctly file owner)....there is only one i am seeing searchdisplaycontroller....what is it ...?why after some times it corrected......any help please?

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I'm not sure what is your exact problem but to answer 'what is searchdisplaycontroller' heres the class reference. It is used to handle search using a search bar. You have probably created an outlet for this in your controller. All the outlets generally do show up immediately after you declare them in you file's owner's header (.h). If you have created some outlet and still don't see it, try closing the xib and opening it again or quit interface builder and reopen.

EDIT: The UIViewController has a UISearchDisplayController as a property. You can read more in the UIViewController's class reference. As your file's owner is a subclass of UIViewController searchDisplayController appears in the inspector.

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hi, i mean searchdisplaycontroller which is shown in files owner inspector ..i did not use it in my view controller through IBOutlet ....why it is shown as default? –  JeffWood Aug 25 '10 at 8:29
ok.. i've updated the answer.. –  Swapnil Luktuke Aug 25 '10 at 8:43
Basically, its just there for every viewcontroller. –  c0d3Junk13 Jan 14 at 15:46

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