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I'm trying to merge two main menus together, but am having problems getting the right result with sub-items. I'm using the GroupIndex property on my MenuItems to control the merging/insertion.

Menu1 (with groupindices) is like this

  • File=10
    • Open=11
    • Close=12
  • Edit=20
    • Cut=21
    • Paste=22
  • Help=90
    • About=91

Menu2 is like this

  • Edit=20
    • Clear=23
  • Widgets=30
    • Widget1=31
    • Widget2=32

And I'm doing


I want the combined menu to have a new top menu "Widgets"and a new "Clear" command in the Edit menu. "Widgets" is working fine, but the Edit Menu has lost cut and paste, which wasn't what I wanted.

How can I stop the Cut and Paste commands from disappearing?

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The menu merge feature in Delphi works a bit differently than what you'd expect: it's non-recursive (unfortunately!). That means that when you call Menu1.Merge, Menu1's "Edit" menu gets replaced by Menu2's.

You have two options:

  • Add "Cut" and "Paste" manually to Menu2.
  • Write your own Merge function.

I had the same problem a while ago (see this SO question):

What I eventually ended up with, is using the Toolbar2000 package for all my menus and toolbars. You can then download a very nice piece of code, called TB2Merge, which does exactly what you want.

You could also base any custom-written menu merge code on TB2Merge, I guess...

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Thanks, I was afraid that might be the answer. I'll have a look at Toolbar2000 – Roddy Dec 10 '08 at 21:36

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