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May I use variable to declaring cursors??

I want to creating dynamic cursor, how can i do this??


I have table: CREATE TABLE [UsersUniTask] ( [id] uniqueidentifier CONSTRAINT [DF_UsersUniTask_id] DEFAULT newid() NOT NULL, [userUniID] uniqueidentifier NOT NULL, [taskID] int NOT NULL, [time] datetime NOT NULL, [doTask] int NOT NULL, [priority] int NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_UsersUniTask] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ([id]), CONSTRAINT [FK_UsersUniTask_UsersUni] FOREIGN KEY ([userUniID]) REFERENCES [UsersUni] ([id]) ON UPDATE NO ACTION ON DELETE CASCADE ) ON [PRIMARY] GO

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Can you explain more about what you mean? If you are talking about declaring the cursor in a dynamic context as in the following example, then yes you can:

DECLARE @i int -- variable input
DECLARE @valuableData int

SET @i = 1 -- value for that input, this could be set by a query

    SELECT valuableData
    FROM myTable
    WHERE someParameter = @i

OPEN cursorFoo 

WHILE (1=1)
    FETCH NEXT FROM cursorFoo 
         INTO @valuableData


    SELECT @valuableData -- Do something with your data

CLOSE cursorFoo

EDIT due to discussion in comments

You should have two separate program loops here

Loop 1:

  1. Webservice adds tasks to permanent table with information on priority.

Loop 2:

  1. Server script queries permanent table for most important task
  2. Server script removes task from table and processes task (or hands that information off to a script that does the work
  3. Server script goes back to permanent table and looks for most important task

SQL is meant to store data, not loop around and process it. The processing should be done with a server script. That script should get the data from the database. You start to have the concurrency issues you have having right now when SQL is writing and reading and looping through the same temporary table concurrently. You can do processing in SQL, but you should only use temp tables for data that is relevant only to that particular process.

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I have recurrency procedure with cursor, and I have got an error that cursor exists, and i want to create dynamic cursors. I must create dynamic name of cursors, which was unique. I want to do something like this: Declare @CursorName nvarchar(500) set @CursorName = 'AddTaskCursor'; DECLARE @CursorName CURSOR FAST_FORWARD READ_ONLY FOR ... But in this way i can't :( – dzajdol Aug 25 '10 at 8:24
No, you cannot declare a cursor name dynamically. You can only dynamically define the cursor's parameter. If you are having issues with the cursor not closing after the script runs, add "DEALLOCATE cursorName" after your CLOSE statement. – Boerema Aug 25 '10 at 8:31
my cursor looks like this: DECLARE AddTaskCursor CURSOR FAST_FORWARD READ_ONLY FOR (SELECT id, userUniID, taskID, doTask, priority FROM @Tasks) Open AddTaskCursor --TODO ZROBIĆ WYWOŁANIE PROCEDURY --In this place i execute procedure in with this cursor is - and this procedure cannot declare cursor with name which in use CLOSE AddTaskCursor; DEALLOCATE AddTaskCursor; As you see a have Close AND Deallocate – dzajdol Aug 25 '10 at 8:45
Maybe other solutions for my problem: I want to execute procedure for all records in temporary table – dzajdol Aug 25 '10 at 8:46
Can you post your code? I am very confused as to what it looks like. If you are trying to recursively call a stored procedure, that is just a bad idea. Calling cursors inside of cursors is also a bad idea. – Boerema Aug 25 '10 at 8:53

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