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I am trying to give float point into core-plot y axis value, it is not working. So is i need to give it as whole number instead of decimal number.If decimal number works please give me the sample code.

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Many axis properties take an NSDecimal value. Core Plot includes a number of utility functions to make it easier to create them. You can see examples of the usage throughout the example programs. Look for CPDecimalFromDouble, CPDecimalFromFloat, CPDecimalFromString, etc.

For the plot data, you can provide any NSNumber instance. Core Plot supports NSDecimalNumber as well and will use higher-precision calculations when drawing the graph, although this comes at a performance cost.

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You can make NSNUmber instance, then assign with NSDecimalNumber value. For example:

NSNumber *tmpNum = nil;
tmpNum = [[NSDecimalNumber decimalNumberWithDecimal:[[NSNumber numberWithFloat:yourFloat] decimalVaue]];
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