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I need the join function to add separators between the members of a list. I found this function in Data.List.Utils and Data.String.Utils. Unfortunately, those modules doesn't seem to be part of the standard platform.
As it's a quite standard function, I'm pretty sure it should be somewhere in the standard platform , maybe with an other name.

Any idea ?


I have found the solution (but can't accept my answer, I have to wait for 2 days ???)

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Note that the name join is often used with monads. In case of the List monad, join is the same as concat: [[a]] -> [a]. – Tom Lokhorst Aug 25 '10 at 10:43

Data.List defines intersperse which has type a -> [a] -> [a] and intercalate which has type [a] -> [[a]] -> [a]

For example:
intersperse '_' "foo" will give "f_o_o"
intercalate "baa" ["f", "o", "o"] will give "fbaaobaaobaa"

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I found it (thanks Hoogle), it's called intercalate.

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wow. I kept on writing my own function that did the exact same thing. It is a good name but it needs to be better advertised. – Robert Massaioli Sep 2 '10 at 23:52

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