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As everybody working with Oracle knows, it an empty Varchar2 will result in a NULL value when put into a Varchar2 column.

I (and a coworker as well) thought we had read about a parameter that could be set in the database to change that behavior and actually differentiate between null values and empty Strings.

Is there such a parameter in the new versions? (We think since 10g)

Or is there a parameter which we might confuse with it with?

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I don't think there is... See also the answers to tgus question: stackoverflow.com/questions/203493/… –  Robert Petermeier Aug 25 '10 at 9:47

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No, Oracle internally stores empty strings and nulls identically, so it cannot distinguish between them whether it wants to or not! Both are stored as a zero character count and no other data.

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Correct - that's one reason it's VARCHAR2; VARCHAR is reserved for if someday Oracle implements ANSI-compliant empty-string behavior. –  Adam Musch Aug 25 '10 at 11:26

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