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Newish to mysql. I have a query and it is not showing the value of the cell just the row name:

$sql="SELECT 'first' from `users` WHERE `id`= $userid ";
$res=mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());


echo $row['first'] ; 

What am I doing wrong????

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First remove quotes from 'first' - it is a column so don't put it in quotes, you can use ` istead. Next loop through results and that's all.

$sql="SELECT first from `users` WHERE `id`= $userid ";
$res=mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());

  echo $row['first'] ; 
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Brackets in your query is wrong:

$sql = "SELECT 'first' from `users` WHERE `id` = $userid";

Must be:

$sql = "SELECT `first` from `users` WHERE `id` = $userid";

Note difference in first

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echo $row[0]['first'];
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SELECT 'first' 

will simply return the string first.

remove the quotes.

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$sql="SELECT 'first' from users WHERE id= $userid ";

you are using normal quotes to select instead of backticks you are not selecting anything from the database.

use $sql="SELECT first from users WHERE id= $userid "; instead

and side note: never "be sure" that your query returns exactly 1 row

use mysql_fetch_assoc() in a loop and check if you really retrieve 1 result.

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