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What's the best way to parse a file in SpreadsheetML format with Perl? I've tried Spreadsheet::ParseExcel, but it doesn't recognize the format. Here's the error I get when trying that module:

No Excel data found in file

It looks like CPAN doesn't have a module that can parse it as far as I can see.

What's the easiest way to do it?

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Searching CPAN for 'spreadsheet excel xml' results in Spreadsheet::ParseExcel, which mentions in the description:

The module cannot read files in the Excel 2007 Open XML XLSX format. See the Spreadsheet::XLSX module instead.

Worth to try...

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It's XML, use XML::Twig to process the file or XML::XPath to grab values.

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The Spreadsheet::XLSX or SimpleXlsx Perl modules can be used to read the XLSX format.

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