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I'm trying to line up some text between two images on its left and right. Why isn't it moving up?

<img src="srchere" /><span style="padding-bottom:10px;">Some text right here!</span><img src="srchere" />

The two images are larger than the text, so it looks like the text isn't aligned and is positioned lower than the images. How do I raise the text up? The code I have above doesn't seem to move the text up.


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If you want images to vertically align with text, you need to use:

vertical-align: middle

Note that your padding-bottom might throw this off a little.

Also, if you are not already doing it, you should use an external stylesheet instead of inline CSS.

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If you want to adjust manually, this can do

<span style="vertical-align:100%"> 

increase/decrease the percentage until u satisfy

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<img src="srchere" />
<span>Some text right here!</span>
<img src="srchere" />


div {
img {
img, span {
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Try adding align="absmiddle" attribute to the images.

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By "up" I assume you mean aligned to the top of the container box. This should do what you want:

<img style="float: left;" src="...">
<p style="float: left;">Filler text. Filler text. Filler text.</p>
<img style="float: right;" src="...">
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